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What are congenital malformations?
These are the diseases most frequently diagnosed at birth. The main causes of malformations are diseases or bad habits that the mother had during pregnancy: severe viral infections, use of alcohol, tobacco or other psychoactive drugs and others.
If diagnosed with a congenital malformation, a periodic monitoring and review of the treatment plan by a vascular surgeon or angiologist is recommended.

What types of congenital malformations of the blood vessels are there?

Vascular anomalies can occur in the superficial or deep veins, arteriovenous malformations and others.

Where can I monitor my condition?

Dr. Kyuchukov is a vascular surgeon and has years of experience in the diagnosis and treatment of different vascular conditions. 
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The nature of the congenital malformations requires individual approach to each patient. Dr. Kyuchukov can offer professional advice and appropriate treatment. He is using the most innovative and improved methods of treatment of vascular diseases that have a shorter recovery period and are less painful compared to surgical treatment.