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T.D. 30 y.o.

January, 2013

I had a varicose vein on the right leg for two years. After the consultation, Dr. Kyuchukov offered me sclerotherapy under Doppler control. The procedure lasted less than an hour and I felt no pain.I am thankful to the team for the caring attitude and professionalism.


Y.D. 42 y.o.

December, 2012

I have been operated from varicose veins 10 years ago. A few years later new one appeared, and they were much bigger. I consulted with Dr. Kyuchukov on the recommendation of an acquaintance of mine. He examined me, found the problem and offered me treatment without surgery. Frankly I was not sure what the result will be, but now I can really say: This is unbelievable - just a pinch and the diseased veins, and with them the complaints were gone.


ZH.L. '47 y.o.

December  2012

15 years ago the wound on my right ankle firs appear. I have treated it with many drugs and I went to many doctors without effect. Some say "you should undergo surgery" and the others "in no case should you do the surgery''. I didn't know what to do. Dr. Kyuchukov was determined - we had to do an operation, but by a new laser method, bloodless and ambulatory. I've heard of something like this, but I didn't know that the method could be done in Bulgaria. The operation went very easily and the result is already there- the wound on my leg is gone. I am thankful to Dr. Kyuchukov and his team not only for healing me, but for changing my life.