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What is venous ulcer?

Venous ulcers (also known as trophic ulcer) is caused by untreated leg vein problems, resulting in the formation of an unhealing wound.

What are the reasons for the emergence of trophic ulcer?

Usually the cause of this disease is chronic venous insufficiency. This results in metabolic disorders that lead to malnutrition of the skin and the subcutis.
Venous ulcers can also be the result of other diseases such as diabetes, thrombophilia, hypertension, impaired lipid metabolism, and others.

What are the symptoms of venous ulcer?

Wet, purulent wounds that heal very slowly due to the factors mentioned above.

What treatments are recommended for venous ulcers?

Usually is required surgical removal of the dead tissue. Dependingon the stage of the disease,  a laser treatement is also possible. By consulting with  Dr. Kyuchukov (link to contacts), you can get the exact diagnose and benefit from the most effective and appropriate treatment.
Dr. Kyuchukov uses the most advanced minimally invasive treatment methods of venous diseases. He uses a system for laser ablation (EVLA), available in only six clinics scattered throughout the country.