The consultation takes place after prior appointment (at the given phone numbers). It includes a detailed conversation with the patient and answering any questions he might have, review of the angiological status and Doppler scan of the venous system (evaluation of the function and deviations) and creation of an individual treatment plan. For all this the price is 70 leva.

The cost of treatment can be determined only after diagnosis and the preparation of an individual treatment plan - what methods will be used in what order and in what time frame.

Damage to the valves causes abnormal movement of blood in the varicose veins. After removing off the damaged sections of the surface veins,the blood turns towards other healthy veins or the deep venous system. It has a large capacity and can accommodate all venous blood from the legs. Can a bypass heart surgery be done after the removal of varicose veins? Yes, this is not a problem for two reasons. First, the injured varicose veins can not be used for the bypass and second- there are certain arteries in the human body that can be used for the bypass graft. How to treat varicose veins of the testicles? The varicose veins of the testicles or varicocele is a common diagnosis in young men. They are priorities of the urologists and are treated most often by surgery.

The non-healing wounds of the legs are often the result of venous disease. The diagnosis is made by a vascular surgeon or angiologist after a consultation and Doppler scan. A treatment plan is prepared. It includes a variety of methods and results in a final healing of the wound. Are hemorrhoids varicose veins? Yes, hemorrhoids are a type of varicose veins that are located in the ano-rectal area. They have specific symptoms, diagnosis and treatment. The specialists who deal with this problem are gastroenterologists and coloproctologists.