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What is thrombophlebitis?

Thrombophlebitis or superficial vein thrombosis with phlebitis is a condition where superficial veins thrombose or clot can cause inflammation, erythema (redness) and palpable warmth of the overlying skin. Thrombophlebitis can be a serious and sometimes fatal illness and shouldn`t be neglected if diagnosed by a vascular surgeon or another vascular specialist.

What causes thrombophlebitis? 

When you sit still for a long periods of time, the blood flow to the extremities is slowing and this is an excellent prerequisite for the formation of blood clots in the veins. 
In certain hormonal treatments which require the intake of the hormone estrogen, clot formation can also be observed. Estrogen weakens the walls of the vessels, and thrombophlebitis is associated with the formation of a blood clot and the inflammation of the vein wall. Usually this fact is taken under consideration by the therapist who prescribes medications to prevent the clot formation along the hormonal treatment.
Yet considering most people lifestyle ( working eight hour a day, spending them sitting or standing), they are all conductive to venous diseases.

What are the symptoms of thrombophlebitis? 

The symptoms of thrombophlebitis are easily recognizable. They include  redness and warmth of the skin along the path of the vein, red, violet or blue couloring of the area involved with phlebitis; constant feeling of discomfort and pain.

What treatment is recommended?

Dr. Kyuchukov is a vascular surgeon, vastly experienced in treating thrombophlebitis and other diseases of the circulatory system.
Once the acute condition is managed with NSAIDs, the affected area of ​​the vein must be removed the best method being microphlebectomy.
Consult with Dr. Kjuchukov for an accurate diagnosis of your condition and therefore choosing the most adequate treatment.