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The surgical treatment of varicose veins, is becoming less and less preferred than the laser ablation!

The classical surgical treatment of varicose already been replaced by more modern methods. The surgical techniques used to treat varicose veins date back about 100 years. Generally they include surgical tying (ligation) of the large or small surface vein and pulling (stripping) of the latter. With additional incisions are pulled the side branches of the  varicose vein. Compared with the modern mini-invasive methods, the classical surgical technique has many disadvantages:

• several days of hospitalization
• numerous incisions
• scars
• painful recovery 
• risk of infection
• general anesthesia with the related complications
• longer recovery period
• high percentage of recurrence
• significant trauma to surrounding tissue and structures
• a bigger price
• Lack of Doppler ultrasound guidance
These disadvantages led to a radical change in the treatment of varicose veins. The leading   vein centers not only in Europe and the US, but also in Bulgaria rely entirely on the modern minimaly invasive methods.

Dr. Kyuchukov doesn't use the classic method of treatment with regard to the given disadvantages. He is using various methods such as sclerotherapy, microphlebectomy, laser ablation - EVLA. According to the patient's condition the most appropriate treatment is choosen. The modern  methods of treatment cure permanently the diseases of the blood vessels, without the complications which result from the classical surgical treatment.
The advantage of the methods used by Dr. Kyuchukov treating varicose veins and other vascular diseases are the following:
• quick recovery period (in some cases, an hour after the procedure, the patient can return to normal activity)
• there is no use of scalpel
• zero risk of infection
• treatment that provides a permanenty cure
• a lower price compared to surgery
• treatment focused exclusively and only for the problem areas ( unaffected veins and tissues around them remained intact)

Given the new cheaper, less painful and more durable ways of treating varicose veins disease,  the surgery stops being justified.
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