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What is postphlebitic syndrome?

It is the developement of specific symptoms and signs in patients suffered from DVT (deep vein thrombosis) or thrombophlebitis. It requires constant monitoring and treatment by a vascular surgeon or an angiologist.

What causes postphlebitic syndrome?

Usually patients suffering from phlebitis or phlebothrombosis also suffer from postphlebitic syndrome.

What are the symptoms postphlebitic syndrome?

Venous and lymphatic insufficiency: leg heaviness, pain, edema. Symptoms are similar to those of varicose veins disease. This is a serious illnes that shouldn't be taken lightly, otherwise it could lead to complications such as trophic ulcers that are extremely difficult to treat.

How to treat postphlebitic syndrome?

Various methods of treatment are available. First the condition and the stage of the disease should be evaluated in order to proceed with an adequate treatment. Dr. Ivan Kyuchukov has a vast experience in the treatment of vascular diseases and uses the latest methods of  treatment. He is one of the first who introduced the treatment method with laser radiation EVLA.
He adopts mini- invasive threatement methods which are shown to have a shorter recovery period and are less painful for the patient.